image002Practical Spirituality  

"Practical Aspects of Spirituality" is a quarterly series which provides an opportunity to explore how to pray and reflect in the Christian tradition. It is for those new to prayer and those who want to find fresh ways to pray.

COVID-19 restrictions mean that it has not been possible to run Practical Spirituality as planned in 2020. 
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In 2017 we held an event reflecting on the Lord's Prayer.
Some of the material can be found here.

Previously in 2019:

On 28 September Jeanie Campbell helped us reflect on how we find "Soul Space"

On Saturday 8 June Revd Sarah Hutton's intriguing topic was ‘Roots, Shoots and Leaves: Where might the hidden life of trees connect with our spirituality?’   

On 9 March 2019, at St Mary's, led by Revd Canon Andy Wheeler.  The theme  was "Seeking the Face of God". This can seem daunting, especially in the Old Testament, but Andy helped us reflect on how the New Testament explains how Jesus brings us close to God.A

2018 events included:

- Peter Wilkinson on "Poetry and Spirituality"
- Richard Fox on mini retreats and meditation
- Helen Shanks on "Finding God in a Crowded World" 
Rev Canon Andy Wheeler on "Pilgrimage: Journey to the Heart". One example of a Pilgrimage Journey is The Pilgrim's Way from Winchester to Canterbury which runs close to Guildford. Follow the link to find out more. "We are Pilgrims on a journey, we're companions on the road, we are here to help each other, walk the mile and share the load". (Richard Gillard, The Servant Song) http://www.pilgrimswaycan