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People can join and support the Common Ground Guildford community in a number of ways, remaining members of their own churches in Guildford.

Some make a formal commitment as Members for a period of time, as described below, pledging to pray, share together, and go, offering the Christian faith to the town in fresh ways.

Others join as a Companion, sharing in community life as they are able in their individual context, offering prayer support and through involvement in running events and activities.

Friends pray for, promote and support the work of Common Ground Guildford, joining in as they are able. Common Ground Guildford is wider than this, it is a fellowship of Christians committed to working together to enable the mission of the churches in Guildford.  

Community Way of Life

The key commitments that Common Ground members make can be summarised as PRAY; TOGETHER; GO.

The commitments made by Common Ground Guildford Members are to:

PRAY: daily, individually, and with others, for Guildford, for the world, and for Common Ground, its members and ministries;

MEET & SHARE TOGETHER: in the community meetings for prayer, friendship and learning;

GO TOGETHER: working with others to offer the Christian Faith in new ways to the people of our town;

GIVE: through finance, and the offering of our gifts of creativity, skills and time.     

Companions commit to the vision, but are unable to fully share in its pattern of life.
They undertake to: pray and participate as they are able to fulfil the aims and goals of the community. In particular they commit to: pray daily; meet with others to build Christian community; and go with others in mission.

Friends undertake to: pray; promote the work of the Community; and share in it when the opportunity arises.  

It is central to the vision behind the community that there is a commitment to prayer and mission, and to meeting and sharing together. This "together" includes continuing to be members of our churches and partnership with the churches of Guildford.

You can read more in the Celebration (and Commitment) Service Booklet here

Please contact Rev Canon Andy Wheeler for more information on

Prayer from the Common Ground Commitment Service

May Christ, as a light
illumine and guide us.
May Christ, as a shield
Overshadow us.
Christ under us;
Christ over us;
Christ beside us
on our left and on our right.
May Christ be in the heart of all to whom we speak;
In the mouth of all who speak to us.
Christ as a light;
Christ as a shield:
On our left and our right