candle in handsSpirituality

Offering opportunities to "Go Deeper with God" is one of Common Ground Guildford's key aims.

Often we do this in partnership with others, including activities provided by partner churches and associated networks. St Mary's Church is a wonderful place to just "be", reflect  and pray.

The Community Prayer page includes information to help you pray for Guildford and some prayers of blessing. Reflect, read, listen includes some sources to help you pray on a daily basis.   

andreas picture orange backgroSt Mary's hosts the Practical Aspects of Spirituality quarterly Saturday mornings co-ordinated by Richard Fox, many of whose leaders and attendees are part of the Common Ground Community and wider fellowship. The 9 December event "Poetry as Pilgrim's Companion" will be led by Camilla White with a focus on how poetry and verse can help us in our spiritual life. Everyone is invited to bring a piece of poetry or verse which they find especially helpful. We highly recommend Practical Spirituality.
You will find a flier here. Email Richard Fox for more information on 

Little Town Poster 002St Mary's regular Advent Reflection series starts on Thursday 30 November at 12.15 for 12.30 followed by a bread and soup lunch. It runs on 7,14 and 21 December, the last session being "Carols for the High Street". A similar series will run in Lent, the period leading up to Easter, starting in mid February 2018. You can download the Advent flier here

We will also be opening St Mary's again on New Year's Eve afternoon and evening and it is frequently open at special times of need for prayer, in addition to the regular Thursday weekday opening. 

St Mary's also runs a monthly Monday hour of "Words, Music, Stillness" with time for reflection from 12.00 to 13.00 and coffee from 11.45. The next sessions are 9 October, and 6 November. You will find a flier here.

Silent Prayer at St Mary's offers another opportunity for reflection on the third Monday of each month at 12.30.