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Holy Week and Easter

Keep visiting this page for information on the main town centre and cathedral Easter services and events. Also check the calendar for updated information. You can find out about events at other CofE churches at

We are celebrating the transforming love of God and his action through Jesus Christ's death on the cross, mending our broken relationship with him. Many services use the image of light breaking through darkness. 

The events include the Wintershall Passion Play, tell the real Easter Story to children, and more. 

The Wintershall Passion Play is presented on 30 March in Trafalgar Square, suported by the Mayor of London and available on Live Stream. It moves to Guildford on 31 March and is presented at noon and 1430, starting at the junction of the High Street and Quarry Street.   

Holy Week is the week before Easter starting with Palm Sunday which marks Christ's ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Some churches, especially in the villages celebrate this with a real live procession, waving palms, some even have a real donkey!

St Nicolas church are hosting an 8pm evening communion service on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with an address by the Dean Dianna Gwilliams. Bishop Jo and the URC minister Rev Philip Jones will each be leading one of the services. 
St Mary's church will be open for "Journeying through Easter" with an Easter Walkway and exhibition of paintings by Daniel Bonelle. paintings. One of Daniel Bonelle's pictures is above.    
Many events take place on Maundy Thursday the day of the "Last Supper" when Christ shared bread and wine with his disciples. On Good Friday we commemorate Christ's death on the cross, with services on Easter Sunday which celebrate his resurrection. This includes a "Walk of Witness" with a cross up the High Street on Good Friday and a "Sunrise" service at 7am outside the cathedral (at the back) on Easter Sunday.  

Please check the calendar for details and more information (see under resources) which will be added as it comes in.